The 100 primo libro

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"Nel primo sguardo" is by far the only song ever released and recorded by Pausini in four different languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. A 10-second snippet of an English version of the song was sung live by Pausini during a press conference. Also, after the album was released, during a radio broadcast, Pausini sang a snippet of an English version of "Celeste". Later it was confirmed that "Nel primo sguardo" was first written in English, under the name Beautiful , but Pausini did not find words for the chorus at first. Then, when her friend Carolina Leal translated the original version into Portuguese, Pausini knew the song would be good.

The 100 primo libro

the 100 primo libro


the 100 primo librothe 100 primo librothe 100 primo librothe 100 primo librothe 100 primo libro