T'boli arts and crafts

The T'nalak, the T'boli sacred cloth, made from abaca is the best known T'boli craft and is one of the tribes traditional textile, this cloth is exchanged during marriages and used as a cover during births. The T'boli women are named dreamweavers, another legend tells us that the T'nalak weaving was taught by a goddess named Fu Dalu in a dream and that women learn this ethnic and sacred ritual, based on tribal designs and cloth patterns through their dreams. These unique patterns are made with centuries-old practices and passed down from generation to generation. This typical T'boli textile is history held in the hands of their makers and the rich cultural heritage can be seen through their creations, it shows the tribe's collective imagination and cultural meanings

T'boli arts and crafts

t'boli arts and crafts


t'boli arts and craftst'boli arts and craftst'boli arts and craftst'boli arts and craftst'boli arts and crafts