T-boldt bullmastiffs

Doberman Pinschers
2712 GCHP CH Fidelis Ripcord (M)
C Mitchell/E Gould/C Austin
1650 GCHP CH Raklyns Field Of Dreams Alisaton (F)
N Bosley/M Michael/D Hayward/C Demilta-Shimpeno
1132 GCHS CH Phillmar Lois Lane (F)
R Keith/C Green/J Keith
944 GCHB CH Legendale Lady Luk Vgoldgrove (F)
L Ferguson/K Kato
759 GCHS CH Foxfire's Alltimate Wanna Be (M)
T Mackenzie/K Mac Kenzie
737 GCHP CH Rio's Luca Brasi Monster RN CA CGC (M)
M Michael
661 GCHS CH Denmar's Easy-Breezy Covergirl (F)
M Moriarty/K Moriarty/M Neupaver/D Neupaver
599 GCHS CH Vondura's North By Northwest (M)
L Mccammack
523 GCHG CH Vision Bring The Action V Velo (M)
C Tartar/R Tartar/A Mcdonald
522 GCHP CH Excelsia's This Side Of Paradise (F)
N Barksdale/M Barksdale/D Gau/L Gau/M Gonzales

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T-boldt bullmastiffs

t-boldt bullmastiffs