Rolex gmt master one

Dear John,
Thanks for this write-up and documentation on the various dials of the 16710. As you mentioned, the stick-dial is not an error-dial, nor the rectangular dial. They are just different fonts used over different era’s. The stick-dial goes back as far as 2005 in D-Serials. The rectangular was used towards the end of the production in Late Z-Serials and early M-Serials. The 3186 caliber is a nice upgrade in the 16710, but I doubt that over the coming years it will fetch a higher premium. I hope you are right, but I doubt it.
Thanks again for your great site! I enjoy it every time I visit.

None the less the fact remains that taken purely on its merits as a tool watch – leaving the precious metal out of the equation entirely – this is simply a technically superior watch. The bezel is improved, all ergonomics are improved, the clasp and bracelet are better; legibility is improved; little things like changing the bezel rotation so it lines up smartly on the hour every time are pretty solid indications that Rolex is doing what we like most about it – making things better one small detail at a time. (If you wanted to, you could even argue that white gold, being insusceptible to corrosion, is a more practical material than steel.) On the other hand, the 16710 has a charm and sense of connection to the past earned over many years – the new Pepsi may grow into that, however, as it spends more time out in the world. It’s a watch I’ll always love, but after spending some time with the reference 116719BLRO it’s hard to avoid concluding that Rolex made a great thing even better.

The GMT Master was the watch that got me hooked on wristwatches when I was a kid and thought that was the watch that James Bond wore in the movies, after seeing “Live And Let Die”. It was wasn’t until years later that I learned he wore a Submariner in the films. Maybe my mistake had to do with the red and blue bezel on the GMT. To a kid, these are the colours of LEGO blocks and I must have associated the GMT Master with James Bond.
I don’t really have a need for a GMT function, but if I ever do, the Ref 1675 GMT Master will be the watch that I get.

Rolex gmt master one

rolex gmt master one


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