With the development of these masts, we entered the borderline area of windsurfing. The first 30 pieces were produced and tested in the second half of 2008. These masts turned out to be very reliable and durable during wave riding. They are available in lengths of 340, 370, 400 and 430cm. They are distinguished by the typical wave construction and are made of special carbon prepreg with the highest value of tensile strength. The carbon prepreg type HS enables a higher percentage of elasticity of carbon fibres. This feature is decisive for this mast type. We recommend these masts to the most experienced users, who cannot resist an adrenaline challenge also in the heavy conditions. Toni Zupančič was the first to use the mast.

shows an initial spacer of length 27, followed by a strong match to motif 3, a spacer of length 44, a weak match to motif 4 on the positive strand, a spacer of length 99, a strong match to motif 1 on the negative strand and a final non-motif sequence of length 7. Note that when scanning DNA sequences with protein motifs ( -dna command line option), the frame of the match is indicated by one of the letters "a", "b" or "c" following the motif number. For example 27-[+3a]-44-<4c>-99-[-1b]-7 indicates that the matches are in frames "a", "c" and "b", respectively.