Mast prop half life

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General Specifications
LOA: 18' 2" Beam: 8' 6" Draft: 19" & 4' 4"
Sail Area: 253 sq. ft. Displacement: 2200 lbs. Ballast: 500 Lbs.

Standard Features - Cuddy
* Teak rub rails and coaming caps
* Teak hand rails on cabin top
* Teak trim around cabin trunk
* Teak louvered doors
* Teak centerboard cap
* Self bailing cockpit
* Burnished bronze hardware
* Fixed bronze portholes (4)
* 3" foam cushions for two
* Painted aluminum spars
* Spun Dacron halyards and sheet
* oz. Dacron sail
* Sail cover
* Ash tiller

Hull and deck are one piece molded fiberglass with integral centerboard trunk.   New Sanderlings sell for $37,900. Selling for $8800.

Mast prop half life

mast prop half life


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