Mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012

La Muette de Portici played a major role in establishing the genre of grand opera . Many of its elements – the five-act structure, the obligatory ballet sequence, the use of spectacular stage effects, the focus on romantic passions against a background of historical troubles – would become the standard features of the form for the rest of the 19th century. Grand opera would play a far more important role in the subsequent career of the librettist than that of the composer. Auber went on to write three more works in the genre: Le Dieu et la bayadère (1830), Gustave III (1833) and Le lac des fées (1839). But their fame would be eclipsed by the grand operas for which Scribe provided the libretti: Meyerbeer 's Robert le diable (1831) and Les Huguenots (1836) and Halévy 's La Juive (1835). Nevertheless, Auber's pioneering work caught the attention of the young Richard Wagner , who was eager to create a new form of music drama. He noted that in La Muette , "arias and duets in the wonted sense were scarcely to be detected any more, and certainly, with the exception of a single prima-donna aria in the first act, did not strike one at all as such; in each instance it was the ensemble of the whole act that riveted attention and carried one away...". [21]

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Mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012

mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012


mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012mast'aniello e giuvanniello 2012