Mast and prop cycle

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The device irradiates samples with alpha particles and maps the spectra of X-rays that are re-emitted for determining the elemental composition of samples. [91] Curiosity 's APXS was developed by the Canadian Space Agency . [91] MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) , the Canadian aerospace company that built the Canadarm and RADARSAT , were responsible for the engineering design and building of the APXS. The APXS science team includes members from the University of Guelph , the University of New Brunswick , the University of Western Ontario , NASA , the University of California, San Diego and Cornell University . [92] The APXS instrument takes advantage of particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE) and X-ray fluorescence , previously exploited by the Mars Pathfinder and the Mars Exploration Rovers . [91] [93]

This is not junk or worn-out. Like new, looked after and professionally cleaned and kept vacuum sealed when not in use.

  • 1 X BMS Heavy Weight (USCG Approved) offshore jacket and trousers. Supreme quality. Jacket design includes safety harness belt and fixing points. Size Large. Red
  • 1 X HellyHansen offshore jacket. White/Blue Large (MENS 54-56). HELLY HANSEN'S BEST SELLING WATER RESISTANT SAILING JACKET – Euro standard.
  • 1 x Musto Yachting Sleeve-less (Dungarees) Trousers. Polyester Fleece Lining, Acrylic coated nylon outer shell. Navy/Red. Size XL.
  • 1 X Nor’wester Yachting jacket and trousers ((Dungarees). Ideal for South African offshore sailing. The garment is made of ‘K-Tech’ hydrophilic breathable waterproof material. Made exclusively for Cape Union Mart. Size L RED
  • 1 x size 8 cruising boots. Plastimo Navy blue/white natural rubber. Non-slip razor cut rubber outsole with drainage channels. Removable footbed.
  • 1 x Magellan GPS Nav DLZ-10. Complete with mounting bracket. Ideal as stand alone or cockpit use.
  • 6 x Atlantic Class1 life jackets.
  • 3 x 15 x 58 fenders. white/blue
  • 1 x Harken ¾ sailing gloves.
  • 1 x Laser World full finger gloves.
  • Together with other small items, waterproof torch, diving goggles, 2 pairs of flippers and a grab bag.
All this for the low price of R8,500 (or nearest cash offer)

Mast and prop cycle

mast and prop cycle


mast and prop cyclemast and prop cyclemast and prop cyclemast and prop cyclemast and prop cycle