Lean startup learning cycle

LSM was started by Trevor Owens in 2010 when he realized there was a smarter way to build businesses. He had previously started a scooter business, but could not acquire customers. Then, he decided to talk to customers and realized a bigger business opportunity around scooters. Fortunately for us, he was more passionate about teaching others than he was about selling scooters. So he started LSM to teach others the same process he used. He was soon joined by Grace Ng, who came to the exact same realization after failing her last startup, and was passionate about spreading the word to help others succeed faster. That is our mission at LSM - to help entrepreneurs succeed, faster. Meet the team.

Trikro – you say “We always want to be able to look up what we did 6 months ago if that data becomes relevant in another context.” I’m curious what you’re using to store/retrieve this info? I’m a big believer in having my experiments, conversations with customers, etc. available for retrospection and sharing. I find I always learn something new when I go back to those conversations, either mine or others’. But I don’t feel we PMs have a good solution for this, especially if you are asking for more than just “store this document and let me find it later.” ., analytics, data mining, etc.

Lean startup learning cycle

lean startup learning cycle


lean startup learning cyclelean startup learning cyclelean startup learning cyclelean startup learning cyclelean startup learning cycle