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The more you stay the more you save! Receive up to 20% off, all while enjoying breath-taking views of Seattle and the surrounding landscapes in your well-appointed accommodations at our historic hotel, located in the heart of the vibrant University District. Hotel Deca offers the comforts of contemporary, well-appointed rooms and luxury suites featuring art-deco motifs.

Offer Includes:

  • 4 Nights: 15% Savings
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  • 5 Nights + 20 % Savings
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Overnight Accommodations:
*Package cannot be combined with other discounted, negotiated, group or promotional rates. Taxes and/or fees are additional. Based on availability at the time of reservations, blackout dates may apply.

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Is deca safe

is deca safe


is deca safeis deca safeis deca safeis deca safeis deca safe