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Other Enterprise crew members include the ship's first officer William Riker , played by director Jonathan Frakes . Frakes said he did not have much difficulty directing and acting at the same time, having done so on the television series. [4] Brent Spiner portrays the android Data ; rumors before the film's release suggested that since Data's skin had been largely removed at the end of the story, it would allow another actor to assume the role. [5] LeVar Burton plays Geordi La Forge , the ship's chief engineer. La Forge is a blind character, and for the television series and previous film had worn a special visor to see. Burton lobbied for many years to have his character's visor replaced so that people could see his eyes, since the "air filter" he wore prevented the audience from seeing his eyes and limited his acting ability. Moore finally agreed, giving the character ocular implants that were never explained in the film, beyond showing they were artificial. [3] Gates McFadden plays Beverly Crusher , the ship's doctor. McFadden considered Star Trek women finally on par with the men: "We've come a long way since Majel Barrett was stuck in the sick bay as Nurse Chapel in the [1960s] and made to dye her hair blond." Crusher was instrumental in helping Picard set the auto-destruct sequence, to prevent the Borg from completely assimilating the Enterprise and Earth. [6] Ship's counselor Deanna Troi is portrayed by Marina Sirtis . The actress missed working on the television show, and was acutely aware that expectations and stakes for First Contact were high: "we were scared that people thought we couldn't cut it without the original cast", she said. [7] Other Starfleet members included former Enterprise chief of security, and commander of the USS Defiant , Worf ( Michael Dorn ). The Defiant is badly damaged in the battle with the Borg but is left salvageable. An early screenplay draft called for the Defiant to be destroyed, but Deep Space Nine executive producer Ira Steven Behr objected to the destruction of his show's ship and so the idea was dropped. [8] Neal McDonough plays Hawk, the Enterprise helmsman who aids in the defense of the ship until he is assimilated and killed. McDonough was cavalier about his role as an expendable " redshirt ", saying that since one of the characters in the deflector dish battle had to die, "that would be me". [9]

Haha he's tripping. I like Wlad too and believe he is one of the best boxers. Who he can't match with skill he can out might and vice verse. But what I would not say is that Wlad is better beyond comparison to anybody else. Saying he dominated Haye isn't doing anything to improve credibility for Wlad or the era (or his opinion). Quite frankly it's time he investigated the worthiness, pros/cons and match ups of the more than dozen other boxers that I consider would have also given Wlad hard fight. Love to see how he spins Lennox/Wladimir. He could not use stats to prove anything conclusive there or rely on observtions to save golden boy.

Why did Levi do this? There had already been some curious fact-twisting in If This Is a Man . Here a close friend, Alberto Dalla Volta, is described as having no German, a crucial factor in the struggle for survival at Auschwitz, when in fact his German was excellent, far better than Levi’s. In his meticulously researched biography Ian Thomson glosses this with the remark that “Levi, like most writers, made life seem more interesting than it is.” 2 Leaving aside whether we agree with this, it’s hard to see how describing Alberto as less well educated than he was or, in a later book, speaking of another dead friend as coming from a “peasant” family when he didn’t could enhance our interest in works that command our attention above all for their documentary status.

Factor primo de 100

factor primo de 100


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