Diabolic steroids

Godly noted that "Trivial names having the status of INN or ISO are carefully tailor-made for their field of use and are internationally accepted". [1] In his preface to Chemical Nomenclature , Thurlow wrote that "Chemical names do not have to be deadly serious". [2] A website in existence since 1997 [3] and maintained at the University of Bristol lists a selection of "molecules with silly or unusual names" strictly for entertainment. These so-called silly or funny trivial names (of course depending on culture) can also serve an educational purpose. In an article in the Journal of Chemical Education , Dennis Ryan argues that students of organic nomenclature (considered a "dry and boring" subject) may actually take an interest in it when tasked with the job of converting funny-sounding chemical trivial names to their proper systematic names. [4]

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Diabolic steroids

diabolic steroids


diabolic steroidsdiabolic steroids