Denebola star color

Denebadigege was used in the Alfonsine Tables , [26] other variants include Deneb Adige , Denebedigege and Arided . This latter name was derived from Al Ridhādh , a name for the constellation. Johann Bayer called it Arrioph , derived from Aridf and Al Ridf , 'the hindmost' or Gallina . German poet and author Philippus Caesius termed it Os rosae , or Rosemund in German, or Uropygium – the parson's nose. [8] The names Arided and Aridif have fallen out of use.

When the party goes to confront it at the top of the Sky Tower, they see the core of Denebola, separate from its cannon and surrounded by members of JP's until it kills them. The core controls the floating part and the two can change colors. The core also has two limbs that aid it in battle known as Chort and Zosma. Once defeated Denebola's core lets out a scream, with the floating part falling from the sky as it dissolves. Miyako, along with several JP's members apprehends Denebola's core and take it to a secret underground room beneath JP's Tsutenkaku Tower. The core is watched over by Fumi while it's still in an active state.

Denebola star color

denebola star color


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