hey hey!
yes, of course i changed the language 🙂 to indonesian,, yup…
dont tell me it works when it doesnt, i tried ~15 times exactly according to your instruction on a mac and it didnt work, i suspected it had something to do with the fact i was trying to do it on a mac, and i was right – i just did it with no trouble at all on my windows laptop.
so fyi, it works only on windows. not really surprising though.
i’ve a mac retina with mountain lion and i use chrome on it, and my pc is a win 7 run sony vaio.
cheers and thanks!

Like the B7, the LG C7 exhibited rare instances of combing artefacts when we watched 1080i/50Hz football from a Sky+HD box on the television. During certain passages of play at specific speeds, the ball or player would break up, which was fully reproducible once we rewound and replayed the footage. We verified that the artefacts didn’t originate from the source by also displaying the video (cleanly) on other TVs side by side, and went away once we sent a progressive signal from the source to the 55C7V. Bottom line is, always try to send a progressive video signal (720p, 1080p, 2160p) to the TV for watching sports in the UK and Europe.